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SCI 2019 highlights

The 2019 Scholarly Communication Institute was held from October 13 to October 17, and this year’s theme was “Equity in Scholarly Communication”.

Five teams convened to work on projects they proposed in the spring, and to work across teams to better understand the structural and situational issues that present challenges to a more equitable scholarly communication and publishing ecosystem. During the course of the institute they explored ideas, developed initiatives, and launched projects aimed at promoting positive change.

Once the five days of the Institute, we collected highlights in the blog post below – featuring tweets, photos, links, and other information that reflect what was going on at the Institute.

You can join in the conversation too. Each year many SCI participants have been active on Twitter during the program, using the #TriangleSCI hashtag. Follow along there or in this list gathering tweets from the SCI 2019 cohort, send us questions, give us your suggestions, and engage with us as we further develop and implement ideas and projects.

If you’re interested in participating in person in SCI 2020, look for the next theme and request for proposals on this site in January. We’re happy to announce that we’ve received funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to continue TriangleSCI for three more years. We’re grateful to the Mellon Foundation for their ongoing support of this program, and look forward to 90+ more people being able to participate in the next 3 years!

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SCI 2019 project teams

We’re pleased to be able to announce the teams that will be participating in this year’s Triangle Scholarly Communication Institute, on the theme of Equity in Scholarly Communications.

The selection process was difficult, as we received a very strong set of proposals and diverse team participants again this year – from 29 different countries and 78 different organizations, many different backgrounds and disciplines, and different stages in people’s careers.

Here are the projects and teams that will be coming together at SCI 2019 in October:

Congratulations to all of these teams, and we look forward to seeing you in Chapel Hill in October!

[ Photo by Steven Lelham used under Unsplash free license. ]

[ Edited 15 July, 5 August, and 5 and 12 and 19 September to reflect changes in members of several teams, and to add links to blog posts about each team. ]

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Submit your proposal to join SCI 2019 in October – this year’s theme is Equity in Scholarly Communications

[Update on June 3, 2019: We received many excellent proposals again this year, with over 100 participants from 29 countries and 78 organizations. The TriangleSCI Advisory Board selected five teams from among these to participate in SCI 2019, and invitations were sent out earlier today. Once invited teams have confirmed they can participate, information about each of them will be posted here.]

The Scholarly Communication Institute invites you to participate in SCI 2019, its sixth year in North Carolina’s Research Triangle region. This year’s theme will be Equity in Scholarly Communications and the program will take place October 13 through 17, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Triangle SCI is not your typical academic conference – it’s four days of concentrated but relaxed time with a diverse cohort of individuals who have come to start new projects they have proposed, in teams they have built and with advice and contributions from participants on other teams and a set of interlocutors and experts who work across teams.

You set the agenda, and you define the deliverables – TriangleSCI provides the scaffolding for your team to develop its project. If your team’s proposal is selected, SCI will cover all the costs for team members to participate, including travel, meals, and accommodations, including for international participants. For more information about how TriangleSCI works, see the FAQ and links from previous years of SCI.

Probably the best way to get a sense of what it’s like is through the words of participants from past years: they have described TriangleSCI as “One of the best scholarly experiences I’ve had.” and “an amazing incubator of ideas, innovation and collaboration. Grateful to be a part of this incredible experience!” Learn more about TriangleSCI from the perspective of participants via this podcast (with transcript), this summary blog post, and other highlights from SCI 2018 and previous years.

This year’s theme is Equity in Scholarly Communications, described this way in the page about the theme:

Discussions around scholarly communications, at this Institute and elsewhere in North America and Europe, tend not to account for the wide range of factors that influence whether and how different communities create and access scholarship: not all stakeholders are from well-resourced institutions or nations; not all of us speak, write, read, search, and think in the same language; not all of us enjoy robust support for scholarship, or reliable access to the Internet, or modern research tools, or easy access to libraries, or means of keeping in touch with colleagues and abreast with global developments in our disciplines. Too many platforms, standards, systems, publications, projects, and discussions move forward with only some of us in view.

For the 2019 Triangle Scholarly Communication Institute, we invite proposals from teams that aim to build a more inclusive and equitable global network of scholarship. SCI is an opportunity to spend a few days with a diverse set of people to investigate challenges, develop plans, test processes, come to agreements, and launch initiatives. SCI is an ideal place to bring together perspectives and expertise that may not normally intersect, and to build understandings and new models based on them. We encourage pragmatic, proactive optimism, and hope participants will use SCI as a platform to nurture positive change.

We especially encourage teams with participants from the “global south”, historically black colleges and universities, Hispanic serving institutions, tribal colleges and universities, community colleges, K-12 schools, independent scholars, and other institutions and backgrounds whose needs and perspectives are often overlooked in discussions about scholarly communications and the infrastructures and processes that support it.

Please see the theme page for more information, including some ideas of who you might bring together to form a team, and questions you might address – we’re looking for a broad and diverse set of perspectives, and teams that will address both specific and general problems and opportunities. This is a great opportunity to launch a new project, have some concentrated time to develop an existing project with a broader set of collaborators, or just to begin to explore and experiment with ideas that are difficult to pursue in your usual work context. Remember that if your proposal is selected, your expenses to participate will be covered by SCI, so this is a great opportunity for potential participants who might normally find traveling to such a program cost-prohibitive.

To participate, form a team of 4 to 6 people, and submit a proposal along the lines of what’s described in the Request for Proposals (RFP). Proposals are due by the end of the day on April 24, 2019.

If you have questions about any of this that aren’t already answered in the FAQ, please contact and we’d be glad to help. You might also find some people you know in TriangleSCI cohorts from past years, and you can ask them about their experience and get tips from them about what made their proposal and project successful.


Thanks as always to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for continuing to provide funding for the Triangle SCI and making all of this possible!

[ Photo by Marco Bianchetti on Unsplash used under Unsplash free license. ]