Photo of SCI 2019 participants

Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Sadly, we must announce that TriangleSCI will continue to be on hiatus in 2021 due to the ongoing uncertainty over the COVID-19 pandemic and the health, travel, and economic constraints related to it. Please see this announcement for more information. The information below will be updated when planning for SCI 2022 gets underway.

  1. What are the goals of the institute?
  2. What do you mean by “scholarly communications”?
  3. Tell me more about this year’s theme
  4. Why should I attend?
  5. When and where is it held?
  6. Who is eligible to attend?
  7. Are people from outside the US eligible to participate?
  8. Can team participants be from the same institution or region?
  9. Can I be in more than one proposal/team?
  10. What is the application process?
  11. How are applications selected?
  12. What expenses are covered?
  13. What happens during the institute?
  14. What happens afterwards?
  15. What was it like in past years?

Have questions that aren’t answered here? E-mail us at and we’d be glad to answer.