What was it like in past years?

The TriangleSCI experience is best understood through the observations and activities of participants. See this blog post from after SCI 2017 concluded and these highlights from 2018, 2019, and 2022 for some description of what it was like, from the perspective of participants, including their blog posts, a podcast interview, tweets, and photos.

You can learn more about the past TriangleSCI years and read some other things TriangleSCI “alumni” have written on the Previous Years of SCI page.

The Scholarly Communication Institute began at the University of Virginia, and was held there from 2003-2011. The uvasci.org web site has information on SCI events and activities from the years when it was held there, and gives a good sense of the kinds of topics that were addressed in the first decade of SCI.

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