Can team participants be from the same institution or region?

In the selection process in past years, the TriangleSCI advisory board has favored teams that were made up of participants from multiple institutions and multiple geographies. Having people from the same institution or all from the same region doesn’t disqualify a proposal, but since a team from the same institution or region could meet without traveling to SCI, there are less compelling reasons for such a team to attend SCI than teams that otherwise would have more difficulty coming together to work on their project.

One of TriangleSCI’s primary goals is to facilitate deep collaboration between individuals from diverse perspectives who might not otherwise have the opportunity to work together. We encourage applicants to build teams that include participants from multiple institutions, regions (including international), professions, professional or academic status, and backgrounds. Use TriangleSCI as an opportunity to expand your circle of collaborators and invite new voices into the conversation.