What happens afterwards?

There is no specific required reporting or followup activities per se, but we do expect SCI participants to share the results of their participation with a broad audience, whether that’s through the SCI blog, their own blog or web site, a conference presentation, publication, or some other format.

The SCI is about communication, and innovative forms of communication, so we encourage you to be creative about how you will communicate and make use of what you learned and accomplished at SCI. We expect that you will share with the SCI organizers whatever you choose to do, so we can feature it on the SCI web site, help highlight your work for audiences who weren’t in attendance, and help connect you with others who may benefit from your ideas and projects, or contribute to them.

You can see some examples of post-Institute activities linked from this blog post after SCI 2016 concluded and the pages from each of the past year institutes.

We may ask participants to join a conversation at a future SCI, either in person, via teleconference, or by a written or video contribution, to continue the discussion in subsequent years. And we keep the participant mailing lists active, so the cohort can stay in touch and continue to work with each other online after the Institute is over.

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