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SCI 2019 project teams

We’re pleased to be able to announce the teams that will be participating in this year’s Triangle Scholarly Communication Institute, on the theme of Equity in Scholarly Communications.

The selection process was difficult, as we received a very strong set of proposals and diverse team participants again this year – from 29 different countries and 78 different organizations, many different backgrounds and disciplines, and different stages in people’s careers.

Here are the projects and teams that will be coming together at SCI 2019 in October:

    • Bringing Equity and Diversity to Peer Review
      • Yaw Bediako, Ruth Gibendi, Gracielle Higino, Vinodh Ilangovan, Daniela Saderi, Rizqy Amelia Zein
    • Communicating the TEI to a Multilingual User Community
      • Hugh Cayless, Gimena del Rio Riande, Luis Meneses, Kiyonori Nagasaki, Helena Bermudez Sabel, Martina Scholger
    • Feminist-Centered Collaborative Scholarly Communication Living Toolkit/Caja Viva de Herramientas para la Comunicación Académica, Colaborativa, y Feminista
      • Gimena del Rio Riande, Sandra Aya Enimil, Sharon E. Farb, April Hathcock, Ivonne Lujano, Charlotte Roh
    • The Labor of Open
      • Leslie Chan, Danielle Cooper, Emily Drabinski, Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Jojo Karlin, Ela Przybylo
    • Toolkits for Equity in Scholarly Communications
      • Niccole Leilanionapae‘aina Coggins, Jocelyn Dawson, Melanie Dolechek, Gisela Fosado, Susan Spilka

Starting in July we’ll be posting more information about each team and their project, and will link them from the project titles above.

Congratulations to all of these teams, and we look forward to seeing you in Chapel Hill in October!

[ Photo by Steven Lelham used under Unsplash free license. ]

[ Edited 15 July to reflect a change of one member of one team. ]