Participants in the November 2014 Institute

Illustration: 180 interweaved hexagons come to life

180 interweaved hexagons come to life – by Flickr user fdecomite used here under CC BY license

We’re happy to announce the projects and teams that will be attending the first TriangleSCI in Chapel Hill in November.

In this first year we had a very short window for submitting proposals, but still received submissions for a large number of excellent projects and teams, and had a difficult time selecting from among them. The following 5 teams have been invited to attend in November, and all have confirmed their participation.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll post more details about each team and their project, and hope to begin some conversations around the issues addressed in these projects.

We’re also very pleased that Tom Scheinfeldt has accepted our invitation to attend the TriangleSCI in November, to act as an interlocutor for all of the participating teams at different points during the Institute, stimulating them to think outside their specific goals, and helping to draw out commonalities between them.

We’re excited about the group being brought together, and expect big things. We hope you will follow along on this blog and @TriangleSCI and join the conversation even if you’re not attending the November event.

Team meeting

Join the Institute for 2014

Form a team and submit a proposal!

Planning is underway for the 2014 Institute, which will be held from 9 to 13 November, 2014 in Chapel Hill, NC.

If you’re interested in putting a team together to attend the Institute, see the RFP and FAQ, and begin working on your application! Applications are due by March 24.

If you have any questions, please contact

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The Scholarly Communication Institute moves to the Research Triangle

We are pleased to announce that the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has funded a three-year project to continue the long running Scholarly Communication Institute, formerly held at the University of Virginia from 2003-2013. The new SCI will be hosted by Duke University Libraries in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, in close coordination with partners from UNC Chapel Hill, North Carolina State UniversityNorth Carolina Central University, and the Triangle Research Libraries Network.

The Triangle SCI is not a traditional conference, but rather a forum for teams of individuals from diverse backgrounds to define shared challenges, strategize creative solutions, and forge new collaborations, in a spirit of bold and open experimentation.

Each year the SCI will invite 3 to 5 Working Groups organized around a project or problem that concerns scholarly communications. Applicants will propose Working Groups of 3 to 8 individuals — scholars, information scientists, librarians, publishers, technologists, and others from both inside and outside academia (i.e., journalists, industry, non-profit organizations, museums, independent researchers) — who bring a wide range of perspectives. Over the course of four days, participants will work both within and across groups, to address individual and shared objectives under a broad organizing theme.

The theme for SCI 2014 is Scholarship and the Crowd.

The goal of the SCI is not to schedule breakthroughs, but to create conditions that favor them. It will bring diverse groups together and provide a combination of structured and unstructured time to brainstorm, organize, and jump-start ideas, to experiment and solve problems, workshop ideas, and even begin to build.

This will be an opportunity both to talk and to do.

Participants will have the freedom to set their own agenda, foster intellectual risk taking, engage in collaborative and creative speculation, bridge institutional divides, cultivate new networks, and discover common ground, all without fear of failure or the burden of having to produce immediate, concrete, sustainable deliverables.

The first Triangle SCI is planned for November 2014. A request for proposals and other information about the Institute can be found at