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SCI 2017 project teams

Thanks again to everybody who submitted proposals to participate in the 2017 Scholarly Communication Institute! This year’s theme stimulated some wonderful ideas and many excellent proposals, and it was very difficult for the SCI advisory board to narrow down the pool to the small number of teams we are able invite to participate in November.

All of the invited teams have now confirmed their participation, so we’re pleased to announce who they are and the titles of their projects:

  • A New Digital Publishing Framework for Exploring and Reflecting Non-Textual Cultural Narratives
    Sara Benson, Harriett Green, Camee Maddox, Brad Tober

  • Digital Storytelling and the Future(s) of Multimedia Scholarship
    Alyssa Arbuckle, John F. Barber, Dene Grigar, Hannah McGregor, Jon Saklofske, Bonnie Stewart

  • Story Structure and Storytelling Performance Techniques to Translate Scholarly Work
    Ruth Herbert, Rob Parkinson, Monica Sanchez, Kay Stone, Ruth Stotter, Brian Sturm

  • Telling Medieval Stories
    Brantley Bryant, Brandon Hawk, Kathleen Kennedy, Dan Kline, Kate Wiles, Stephen Yeager

  • Using Storytelling to Share Research in a Time of Mistrust
    Franny Gaede, Jeana Jorgensen, Ashley Rosener, Teresa Schultz, Jessica Sparks, Amanda Starkel

  • Where does the food on my plate come from? Using storytelling to enable people to understand the global food system and the power that they have to make a change
    Monica Coll Besa, Diego Galafassi, Ragnhild Larsson, Marie Persson, Anneli Sundin

Congratulations to all of these teams, and we look forward to seeing you in Chapel Hill in November!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding blog posts where each team will describe their project and introduce the team members, so stay tuned for more information soon…

[ Photo by PICSELI used under Unsplash free use license. ]

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