Participants in the 2015 Scholarly Communication Institute

All the invited teams for SCI 2015 have confirmed that they are indeed able to attend, so we’re now ready to announce who they are and the titles of their projects:

  • An Analytical Attribution Framework
    Christopher Blackwell, Ségolène Tarte, Bridget Almas, Francesco Mambrini, Gabriel Weaver
  • Author, Student, Programmer, Peer: Valuing Heterogeneous Teams in Networked Knowledge Production
    Daniel Powell, Eric Dye, Dene Grigar, Jacob Heil, Bridget Jenkins, Aaron Mauro, Sarah Potvin, Raymond G. Siemens
  • Collecting and analyzing usage data for online scholarly publications
    Kevin S. Hawkins, Sarah V. Melton, Lucy Montgomery, Lisa Schiff, Rodrigo Costas
  • Modeling contributorship with TaDiRAH
    J. Britt Holbrook, Cassidy R. Sugimoto, Micah Vandegrift, Zach Coble, April Hathcock, Korey Jackson
  • The Qualities of Quality – Validating and justifying digital scholarship beyond traditional values frameworks
    Samuel Moore, Cameron Neylon, Martin Paul Eve, Daniel Paul O’Donnell, Jennifer Lin, Damian Pattinson

Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding blog posts where each team will describe their project and introduce the team members.

Stay tuned…