Kogod Courtyard, Smithsonian Museum of American Art

SCI 2015 teams are coming together

Earlier this week notifications went out to the teams who submitted proposals to participate in SCI 2015.

We received 27 proposals this year, with over 150 team members from 80 institutions/organizations and 11 countries. From among these, we were only able to invite 30 people to attend, so it was a very competitive process.

Five teams were selected from among the 27 proposals. They will make up a strong and diverse SCI 2015 cohort, and we expect will contribute to productive conversations both within and across participating teams.

Over the next few weeks, as invited participants confirm that they will indeed attend, we will post information here about the teams and their projects, and begin to develop a picture of what SCI 2015 will be like.




[ Image by Tim Evanson, adapted and used under CC license. ]